The Sacrifice of Thorgram Ramshorn

Within the realm of Shivak Novos, the Alpha Team was sent on a rescue mission to retrieve SgtMajor Stormhammer.  They had to infiltrate a corrupted version of Echer'Naught to get to his location -- a corrupt and twisted version of the Sacred Grove.  The moment they stepped foot into that abomination, the entire town knew they were there. 

After securing SgtMajor Stormhammer, Sgt Amelia Whitestone was wounded in battle and incapacitated. SgtMajor Stormhammer took charge and the Alpha Team made their way towards the exit via the sewers. When they got to the gate, a plan was crafted. A plan that Sgt Whitestone had planned to do herself...

Thorgram took it upon himself to carry the Arcfire Bombs and detonator switch. Using his new-found powers from being Chosen of The Horn, Thorgram grew expotentially in size and filled the space that was the Gate they departed from. Nothing could get past him -- they would have to get through him. 

Valiantly he held them off -- the mobs of darkness -- while the Rangers ran back towards their exit portal. Thorgram matched, blow for blow, the strikes of an Alpha Werewolf. He batted aside the hordes of undead that snapped at his flesh. Outnumbered, but undaunted, he alone stood before the tide and held it, sacrificing his own body to prevent them from escape. 

Finally, when he could take no more, Thorgram looked upon his foes with a smile and pressed the switch, detonating the Arcfire Bomb he had upon his person. It completely leveled the gate and subsequently buried the elite units that were assaulting Thorgram. 

The Alpha Team turned at the explosion, knowing that their comrade had fallen for them. Moments later a whistling caught their ears and the Indestructible Shield of Thorgram Ramshorn slammed into the ground. The shield is now an artifact of The Rangers, passed down through the Alpha Team to those who need it, the spirit of Ranger First Class Thorgram Ramshorn still protecting his Gather even after his physical shell has departed. 

Within weeks, a twice life sized statue of RFC Ramshorn had been erected just inside the North Barony Gate on the very spot he had given his life in the Shivak Novos version of the city.


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