Siege of Stonefinger

The courageous  1st Company of the White Silver Wolves with its commander of the mercenaries Captain Rorauk Fyrforg lent aid to the Dwarven clanhome besieged during the terror where darkness reigned, enveloping the regions down south. Holding it down by the defensive measures of the Stonesingers of Stonefinger Dranak Grove and the efforts of the White Silver wolves kept it one of its last safe havens up north. A farspeaker from the wolves relayed a message to Echernaught for help. At the same time, a message from the Silver Unicorn alerted her High Priestess Shayline Eridor, inciting a rescue mission from both sources  where other notable heroes like Grimjack the mountainous sized Ogre of Stahlheim, Dane Landen the Arcmancy wielding Paladin of light, and Elak Loremaster a sagacious and intelligent Lore Warden serving the military in Stahlhelm. Accompanying all of them was Kassagore with his infamous group known as the Beast Men to the Prelacy.  Here they were given information how to traverse, making it passed the defenses and eventually making it in.

Rorauk Fyrforg was out of commission and their impending battle was going to occur. Here they stood facing waves of darkness. Amongst the horde of Vainar were deadly personas themselves. A giant Troll known to be the Mak Torkash of Ognosh the Cruel gather of the Necrolords.  Varros Bonerender, avatar to Kolmor Skullmaster the Prince of Bones. Lastly leading the forces a High Cleric within the Church of Vainar Kreigrim Rotheart; an ancient Wight of Olaran birth in life whom excelled in warfare. Thanks to their combined efforts the forces of darkness weaken with the current losses...blocking off their assault from spreading to the southern kingdoms. 


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