Crystal River Scouting Mission

2nd Olaran Scout Company Report

Captain Kyrn Ironreich of Stahlheim

Under orders I assembled my “men” at Camp Wolfhaven on the 26th of White River, 3125.

4 days, we camped outside of Tarnn on White River 30th

4 days, we passed the Crossroads, camping just north, Dark Moons 2nd

3 days, we pass Fortress of Bearheart and Headquaters, Dark Moons 5th

1 day, we reach Olaran border, camp, Dark Moons 6th. Advanced scout of the Long Recon team, Brinchie Wanderkill, rejoins company. Cross into Camon territory, establish base camp. Dispatch First and Second Platoons to scout crossings of Crystal River.

6 days, Corporal Sarin Silverfeather, Platoon NCO of First Platoon, 2nd Olaran Scout company arrives alone bearing vital intelligence. Informs his team failed to reach Crystal River, diverted to scout potential High Value Target.Dark Moons 12th

1 day, Dispatch Corporal Silverfeather to relay vital report to Field Marshal Wolfhaven. Mobilizing remaining scouts to recon Crystal River Crossing.


It is my sincerest regret to record that Captain Ironriech and all known members of the 2nd Scout Company were lost executing their final orders.

Based upon other reports and rumors, we surmise that the remaining members of Corporal Silverfeather’s team, RFC Tenner Stryker, Geny, Krivak, Wanderkill, are also missing in action.

On the 10th of Dark Moons, the battle brothers of 1st Platoon, 2nd Olaran Scout Company ambushed a group of advanced pickets. During the engagement, Wanderkill, veteran member of the Long Recon unit, recovered vital intelligence. Corporal Silverfeather ordered his team to divert to a new objective, scouting a location refered to as the “Glade of Peace.” Sadly, no member has managed to report back by the filing of the report. We fear all members of the 2nd Scout Company were lost during Shaya’Nor’s rapid advance across the river.

Also lost were Scout Companies, Four, Five, and Six.

Corporal Wilhem, Olaran Headquarters Bearheart.

3 125