Purity Scouting Mission


It is my duty to report on the mission beginning upon the 16th of White River, 3125. Per orders, I assumed command of the Olaran army’s Fifth Scout Company, newly formed at Camp Wolfhaven under the dutiful orders of Field Marshal, Baron Alexander Wolfhaven. From the 3rd of White River to the 16th, I assisted the Olaran High Command Staff in procuring resources, recruiting personnel, and meeting with my command staff.

By the 16th of White River, the last few recruits were being assembled at the muster grounds in the center of the recruitment area of the war camp. I was summoned to the Headquarters for final briefing and orders. My orders, per Major Matherson, was to take a company of 163 men north into Camon, via Tarnn, Bearheart, and then across the border. Our objectives were to scout the Camonere lines around the Camon city of Purity to assess the disposition of Prelacy forces and the penetration of Shaya’Nor’s advance into Camon.

Taking my orders, I assembled my command team and rode to address the newly assembled 5th Scout company. They were an unassuming lot, but volunteers all. I was also informed that a member of an elite Ranger Team, the Long Recon Unit was embedded in my command. These scouts have been specifically trained in deep recon and contact with foreign cultures. Based on the suggestion of Field Marshal Wolfhaven, I promoted Sergeant Flint Ironfinder to commander of 3rd Platoon, 5th Scout Company to serve as our advanced team.

We mobilized, marching out on the 16th White River, making Tarnn in 4 days (White River 20th), four days to the Thuls-Bearheart-Tarnn Crossroads (White River 24th). The Crossroads were overwhelmed by refugees, commercial traffic, and marching columns. We were forced to break out overland, greatly impeding our progress as we slogged through knee deep snow.

By White River 28th, we arrived at the extreme northern border of Olara. There we found the Camonere defenses abandoned. I know full well that not four months prior this entire area was a savage killing field. Now, nothing moved on the foreign side. I commanded my Ogres to shatter the Camon gate and we marched forward, ever north.

On the eve of White River 31st the 5th Scout Company reached the eastern spring head of the Crystral River just south of the city of Purity where the river flowed down from the Southern Range. There, I sent forward 3rd and 4th Platoons to cross the river and establish a line of advanced posts in and around Purity. To the battle-brothers under command of Sergeant Ironfinder of 3rd Platoon, 5th Company, I gave the task of scouting the north road out of Purity.

I also informed him that an agent of the Southern Kingdoms was already in country, a Sir Gratien Bonné, Ranger First Class, and Cavalier of Camon. Knowing the countryside, and being well mounted, Sir Gratien had been tasked with gathering intelligence. It was based upon his latest reports that our company had been dispatched. Sgt Ironfinder’s men were to link up with Sir Bonné, assess troop movements and return, rending local aid wherever feasible.

The two Platoons crossed the Crystal River on the 32nd of White River. Platoons 1 and 2 were deployed along the River to scout potential fords based upon intelligence gathered via agents during the previous Crimson Crusade conflict. I did not regain contact with platoon 4 until the 6th of Dark Moons, 8th of Dark Moons for 3rd platoon.

Fourth Platoon encountered no Prelacy forces within their area of operation, though were able to assist in the evacuation of a number of civilians south of Purity. Meanwhile, on the 3rd of Dark Moons, 3rd Platoon under command of Sgt Ironfinder encountered a hospital encampment of wounded just south of the small Camon thorpe, Ombre de la Pureté. There, the battle brothers under Sgt Ironfinder managed to arrange parley with a Crusader Captain Leiranot. Through rough translation from Galean to Kalinesh to Camonere, they leared that Ombre de la Pureté was, at that moment, under assault from Shaya’Nor forces and Captain Lieranot’s force had been tasked with covering the evacuation of civilians from the area. Five of the Captain’s men had been trapped and were presumed dead.

Per orders, Sgt Ironfinder led his men to the thorpe and immediately encounter advanced scouts and undead ransacking the village. As soon as they arrived in the area battle ensued, the Scouts quickly becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of undead and corrupted creatures. Sir Gratien Bonné finally arrived, having been delayed by avoiding packs of werewolf trackers enroute.

Engaged in the battle were:
Sergeant Flint Ironfinder of Stahlheim
RFC Gratien Bonné, Cavalier of Camon
Fekla, Ogress mercenary

Each battle-brother deserves commendation for their actions. Sadly, during the battle Sgt Ironfinder, Fekla, and Chumley were all incapacitated due to wounds inflicted, though RFC Bonné and Newt were able to assist their recovery and retreat. Ultimately, the entire team escaped south, with the help of the five Paladins still trapped in the thorpe who used the cover of my scouts to also retreat, laying down supporting cover fire for both units.

Late in the evening on the 4th of Dark Moons, Sgt Ironfinders team, along with Captain Lieranot’s men, escort the final civilian survivors to the gates of Purity. There, an officer of some form, executed Captain Lieranot for conspiring with my scouts, but mercifully declined to attack or imprison my men. They immediately returned with their report.

The reconstituted 3rd Platoon recrossed the Crystal River on Dark Moons 8th to rejoin 5th Company. I am enclosing all individual reports.

Sir Martin Kilgore, Olaran 5th Scout Company

Prelacy of Camon
3 125