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Adventure ranks


We planning start big campaign in Shaintar, but players wanna go from Novice rank. I searched drivethrurpg and found few adventures, but do not know which for Novice ranks and which for Seasoned etc.

Can you say me recommendent ranks for this adventures, and which suitable for novice-seasoned ranks?


That's a great question! I don't know much about the pre-crafted adventures but we can see what we can find out for you! 

Alternatively, if you are interested, you can always become a GM for our J&L games and get in on the official storyline for Shaintar and have your game influence the world. =) 

But, I will certainly expand your question out to a few sources and get you an answer!

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Here is a direct reply to my inquiry from one of our very own  J&L GMs, Howard Brandon!  Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions or need help with anything =)

"So, looking at an Epic Six Times Bundle, a Darkness Comes to Stormwall, the main enemies are 12 Hobgolins and 1 Warmonger. So depending on size of party this would be a tough challenge for Novice, fair challenge for Seasoned. Remember, Legends Arise and Unleashed have easily scalable villains. You could run the same adventure with 12 Warmongers and led by a Bloodrager. That would be a fair challenge for Heroic. Bottom line, with Arise and Unleashes most any Adventure can be readily scaled to purpose." - Howard

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Also! Click Here  to have a new window open that will take you to one of our polls.  

The purpose of Justice & Life games is to give YOU, the Players, a chance to shape the world and we want to honor player contributions. In this case, the poll is to see if people would be interested in us turning one of the adventures into a campaign book! What that means is you'll get a run from various plots and subplots to give your players PLENTY to experience and enjoy.

Let us know by voting! =)  

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Generally it's good to start with something short and relatively easy (meaning a few low level opponents against your party) and see how the group reacts to them.  Then scale up from there. There are some pre-generated adventures, and the back of the Legends Arise book does contain some story and opponent ideas (the stats for those opponents follows the adventure ideas). So maybe start there, and see how things go.

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I would say that the beauty of Savage Worlds in general is that it is very scaleable.  If your group is having a hard time with some wild cards then durning play, turn them into extras, if you find that they are having too easy of a time, you can add a few more extras or make an extra a Wild Card on the spot.  Now this may seem like cheating to some but in the end it is about fun.  Fun and challenge.  If they are not challenged at least a little then boredome sets in.  If it is too tough then they find it is insurmountable and can't win.  It is a balance.  As a GM you get a feel for your group fairly quickly.  I have found that players might goggle at the large number of enemies you put on the board but they often suprise me and are able to handle it, or at least set up a plan to nullify the numbers disadvantage.  Let them do this.  It makes for great stories later to have players go, "Have you seen the numbers of guys we took down?!  It was EPIC!"  and you want those stories, hopefully mixed in with those stories are the little bits where it got a little harry and the players didn't know that they would make it but still had hope.  THAT's what it is about.  The sense of overwhelming odds, the feeling that you MUST try, and when you do put together a good plan and good strategy it is rewarded.  The human spirit persevers. Remember the characters ARE heroes.  Let them be Heros.



Thank you all for answers! I see most of adventures truly EPIC, but my gaming group really want to start from novices. You know, fighting with rats in cellar etc.

Thank you for opportunity to join to great GMing community, but I want to do this only after sure if my gaming group will be stable. Online games (I GMing via Skype) so often breaks because people dissapearing etc.
When I will have stable gaming group I CERTANLY will join! This is great!

P.S. Here is my Obsidian portal:

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Hey Atrill,

I am a Fan of your Obsidian Portal page, and left a message. I hope you guys have epic adventures. When you are ready to join the larger community we will be here.


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