Letter of Refusal from the Heart of Light, Mistress of the Council of Archanaya Istella Nollan

To Lanier Fareneux,

In response to your request for parley;

It is easy to speak of Faith and principle while cloistered comfortably in our churches and our communities. How much more difficult is it then to stand for what is right in the face of Evil when its shadow falls upon our threshold. There is temptation in your words, to ignore our conscience and ally ourselves with you in this time of dire consequence.

Yet, we stand for the Light of Archanon, we cherish and protect life. We oppose everything for which you stand and to deny that, to betray that, would we be any better than you? What kind of victory can we have if we win knowing we have condemned thousands to choose between undeath at the hands of Vainar, or a living nightmare at yours.

No. There will be no alliance. You have chosen this path. You attacked our holiest places without provocation, summoning demons and worse from places to foul to imagine. You allied with Darkness, trusted the Great Betrayer to keep his oaths while you launched attack after attack against innocent neighbors. You have unleashed this horror upon the world. You.

We will stand against the coming Darkness! We will protect the good people of this land! And we will be victorious in our fight against Vainar, and you.

The wisest of teachers once told me, "Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

Know this, when Vainar's hordes have been thrown back, we are coming for you. Camon WILL be free. Light will prevail! The heroes of the Southern Blades have spoken.


Heart of Light, Mistress of the Council of Archanaya, Istella Nollan