Letter of Parley from the Archcardinal of the Prelacy of Camon to the leaders of the Southern Kingdoms

To the Tyrants and Overlords of the belligerent Southern Kingdoms,
It has long been conceded as fact that your hearts are given over wholly to the dark masters you serve, and your vile mages. For this reason, we have stood in opposition, a beacon of Archanon’s Strength against your Heresy. Until you abandon your villainous ways and return to the folds of Archanon’s true Faith, this may never change.

But I hold out hope that you are all not purely evil, that there are those among you who have merely been led astray by false words and honeyed promises. In that hope, vain thought it may be, I entreat you now to turn away from your service to Vainar’s madness and stand with Archanon against the coming Darkness. Know, that this cannot absolve you of your crimes, though it may, with Archanon’s benevolence be a step toward redemption.

Return to the Church of Archanon the territories of Camondel and Defiance so that we may stand and re-forge the shield of Faith that has so long sheltered you. Do this, in Archanon’s name, so that we might stem the tide of Darkness and save the innocents now threatened by your unwarranted aggressions. Should you choose, instead, to hold fast to Vainar’s will, we will be forced to stand aside and reveal to you the true price of service to the Vainar the Fallen, the God of Darkness and Death.

Choose swiftly, and wisely, for the hour draws near, and our fates Dark.
Grand Archcardinal, his Most Holy Anointed and Exalted Lanier Fareneux


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