Area of effect attack and Armor

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Area of effect attack and Armor

It looks like its been a while sice somone posted something in this tread, hope someone will answer my question :D.

On that, I was woundering how do you guys work with armor and area of effect attacks. Because, it is said in the Savage Worlds book that and I quote "Targets use their lowest armor value against area effect damage-armor must cover the entire body without gaps to provide any protection at all." So, does it mean that only Full sets of armor protect the wearer, like Full chain, Full leather etc. and the wearer must have a helmet that is also Full? Since Partial sets have more gaps, they dont protect, I think. Or does Fantasy armor have by definition too much gaps to offer any protection from a Blast spell?

Thanks for the Reply.

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Based on what the rules say the only time you get your armor versus area effect damage is when the armor is fully sealed or with an armor spell (which automatically counts as fully sealed but only for the spell not armor worn under the spell).

That said, when at the table I've never seen anyone not get their armor against aoe damage but that's probably more from that rule being forgotten than because they should get it.

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Thanks for the reply!

So even if the have the "Full" set of armor, they would not get it, perfect. They would get it in the case they were wearing a power armor, wich wont be the case in shaintar or as you said, in the case of some magic like the Armor spell or another artefact.

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I think people usually get their armor at the table for multiple reasons:

  1. It's simpler to always use the same armor/toughness number.
  2. It makes AoE attacks less powerful (they are one of the harder things to balance).
  3. People frequently forget this rule.

The only setting I've seen where it is used regularly is Rifts where the setting book expands on the core rule (and most armor is sealed anyway so does apply).


It sure is useful in those situations, it helps the game to stay fun fast and furious!

Thanks for the reply.