Long Recon Begins (DragonCon 2016)

A team of Rangers and Specialists meet in Echer'Naught before departing on a Long Recon Mission through the Enternal Desert. There mission takes them thru Landra'Feya, Eastport, The Desert Princes, Northern Gathers, Jasara, and finally back through Olara to Echer'Naught. Along the way the uncover information about encroaching Darkness to the north, increased Empiral aggression, and  a possible new threat emerging deep in the desert.

Long Recon Rangers Team:

Sergeant Flint Ironfinder; Dwarf (Leader)

RFC Zathras; Goblin (Mage/Healer)

RFC Jarvus Beerson; Dwarf (Warrior)

RFC Wonderkill; Brinchie (Scout)

Ranger Drew; Goblin (Scout)

Special Ranger Support

Ranger Thrunk; Brinchie (Warrior)

Ranger Ssslick; Dregordian (Warrior-Adept)

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