Shaya'Nor's Forces Attack Echer'Naught

In the first major incursion in the Southern Kingdoms during the war with Shaya'Nor, an army led by a Lich, Mortis Von Dietrich, leads a massive attack on the Olaran city of Echer'Naught. Defenders quickly find themselves overrun as hidden corpses, bodies left over from the plague decimated elven population, burst from sewers beneath the streets. With the city defenders distracted and separated, elite strike teams of necromancers, werewolves, vampires, nightguard, and other undead launch lightning attacks against the Church district, the sacred grove, both local and regional Ranger HQs and other prime targets within the city.

Despite a valient defense, many pockets of resistance begin to faulter when, summoned by powerful magics, Col Alexander Wolfhaven, long since presumed dead, appeared in the Temple of the Silver Unicorn hale, if aged many decades. Leading the Ranger forces, Baron Wolfhaven and an elite Ranger team turned the tide and eventually put the forces of Darkness to route.

Though, the true purpose behind the attack is still hotly debated.

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