Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Defiance

High in the Southern Rangers, the heroes of the Southern Blades engaged the staunch defenders of the mighty fortresse of Defiance. Through cunning, guild, and a fair amount of fortune, the allies of the south breached the Prelacy defenses and took the fort with minimal losses.

On the same day that Defiance falls, Shaya’Nor launches a MASSIVE surge across the Northern Gathers. The weakened and confused forces opposing them were swallowed by massive undead hordes pouring across the land, and from Ebonways into their very camp. With little choice, the Northern Alliance fell back to defensible position around the Clanhomes of Stonefinger and Ironspear while Shaya’Nor’s endless hordes swept around them in an unending tide.

By the time the Southern Blades have realized the danger, Shaya'Nor's forces have swallowed almost 1/3 of Camon.

Prelacy of Camon
3 125