Crimson Crusade Conclusion: High Port

A coalition of allied armies joined in a massive force named the Southern Blades to answer Camon's unproved attacks on Archanya, Mindoth's Tower, and the Olaran/Galean border. Early on the 16th of Raining Leaves, 3125, the Southern Blades engaged in a massive naval invasion of the Prelacy fortresse at High Port.

Agents imbedded in the fort's defense provided access while members of the House of Rhodes, long sympathetic to the south, stood by while the Church of Archanon's loyal defenders were broken up and overwhelmed. By nightfall, the fort was in Southern hands with minimal blood shed.

Key members of the Blades remained behind to hold the port while the larger force marched immediately north toward Defiance the back door to Camondel.

Prelacy of Camon
3 125