Starwatchers & Divination

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Starwatchers & Divination

Hi all,

I have a question about the Starwatchers. In the Shaya'Nor lore book, I found (p. 18) :


All True Starwatchers have the Transcend the Call Shayakar Racial Edge, as well as the Greater Night Gifts. Additionally – and most importantly – all True Starwatchers possess the divination power.

For them, the power works di erently than it does for Priests of Light. ey must sleep under a clear night sky, face toward the stars. eir eyes remain open, and in the stars they may see messages conveyed by the Dreamer; she is using a combination of Shadow (untainted by true Darkness) and other cosmic forces to reach this unique group of her descendants, hoping they can be her conduit to help in the great battle against the Merchant and other dangers to Shaintar and the world. 

Ok, that's fine. So if a PC wants to be a Starwatcher, he has to get Transcend the Call and Greater Night Gifts. However, Divination is not in the GNG power list. Does my PC has to get Expanded Understanding to get Divination power of is Divination accessible for Unshadowed with GNG ?

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They would need expanded understanding, and would ABSOLUTELY not be allowed ANY taint of Darkness, meaning no Shadow Gifts at all.

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