Destruction of Archanya and Mindoth's Tower

In the pre-dawn hours of Festival Moons 33rd, 3125 (last day of Summer), the skies openned and strange winged creatures poured from the sky. Before the defenders realized their danger, a massive figure clad in red and gold appeared before the people of Archanaya declaring that he was putting an end to their false worship. With that, the surprise attack began.

At the same time, powerful entities launched an attack on Mindoth's tower, quickly overpowering the High Druid's Council and slaughtering most of the druids within. By the following red dawn, all that was left of either place was smoking ruins and death. A few brave heroes managed to hold back the enemy forces long enough to evacuate civilians and a few faithful as the greatest heroes of the Church of Light and the High Druid's Circle sacrificed themselves.

Once done, the enemy forces returned to the skies. It was days before scouts and agents working for the Southern Kingdoms confirmed the attacks. While distracted to the south, the Prelacy of Camon launched a new all-out attack on Olara and Galea, resuming the Crimson Crusade...

...but this time, they claimed to have the true god Archanon on their side!

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