Crimson Crusade Counterstroke

Sun's Crossing Rangers disrupt Jasara-Bearheart Road: Falling Ice, 3124

Acting on orders from Col. Alexander Wolfhaven, a team of Rangers from the village of Sun's Crossing crossed the Forges entering into northern Olaran territory, much occupied by advancing Prelacy forces. Once in position, the intrepid band of Rangers under command of Sergeant Major Tumung Three-Fingers liberated villagers from occupation, assembled their men into a cohesive fighting force, and began operations to harrass and harry Prelacy reinforcments along the Jasara-Bearheart road thereby significanly delaying any potential response to the subsquent relief of Bearheart.

Through their actions, the back door to Bearheart was slammed shut forcing the Prelacy into a single line of retreat toward Purity.

Taking the Bridges to Aladel: Falling Ice 1st, 3124

Cavalry forces under the command of Brevet Captain Macha Panta broke through Prelacy lines north of Stagg along the Howling River road under cover of darkness. Making a 50 mile night ride through broken enemy terrain, Panta's men struck the Supply Base on the west side of the River at dawn on the 1st of Falling Ice. The defenders, still inebriated from the Longest Night's revelry, were quickly subdued. 

The expected counter attack from Aladel was delayed due to internal machinations within the Prelacy forces.

Of the nearly 650 men taken on the "Raid", they lost only 18% casualties, with no fatalities recorded.

By cutting off the bridge crossing at Aladel, Col. Wolfhaven severed the Prelacy's forces south east of the Southern Range Mountains.

Seizing the Bearheart Pass: Falling Ice 2nd, 3124

On the night of the 25th of Dark Moons, 3123, Lt. Rah-Sah Hawksclaw and around 2,000 Olarans, Rangers and men of the Echer'Naught Free Company marched out of Camp Wolfhaven heading west toward Tarnn. In Tarnn they stopped for a few days while Ranger agents (Cedruss) sabotaged the Prelcy army around Bearheart leading up to their Longest Night celebrations.

On the 33rd of Dark Moons, at the height of their revelry, Lt. Hawksclaw and his men fell upon the Tarnn-Thuls-Bearheart crossroads, routing all enemy forces there. Then, on the following day, the army broke the siege of Bearheart and scattered the enemy forces.

Fatigued after days of marching and fighting, the army slumped in their lines and rested for a day. Yet, while they rested, a third Prelacy force marched down from the Purity road and attacked Hawkslcaw's force just east of Bearheart. The two forces gave no quarter and the ground was stained with blood. But, as the sun fell upon the scene, the Southern forces held the pass. With the road to Purity severed, the Prelacy armies east of Bearheart were cut off.

Of the 2,000 men participating in the assult, 50% were casualties, 15% deaths.

Despite the cost in lives, Col. Wolfhaven's plan was now primed for the final blow which would be the first step in bringing the Prelacy war machine to a screeching halt and end their agression against the Southern Kingdoms.

Liberation of Stoon: Falling Ice 6th, 3124


Immediately after the Fall of the Chimera's Tower, the Rangers of Sog returned as fast as possible to Sog.  Upon their arrival they mustered their forces and marched on Stoon with the intent to take it back from the Prelacy of Camon before the rumors that Artivan Galadrius and Kassegore were still alive.

Upon reaching Stoon the forces led from Sog rolled up their seige engines to the gates of Stoon.  Seargent Felosia Naillo burrowed a strike force led by Kassegore under the wall to attack the gates and let the forces from Sog in while Artivan Galadrius rallied his forces and demoralized the Prelacy.

The seige led to a rout as the covert forces moved straight into the high command building and sat in their feasting hall eating the best of Camonere foods when the rest of their forces burst into the hall as Kassegore charged after the fleeing Prelacy forces, chasing them far away from Stoon.

After the seige was lifted the people of Stoon were released from their imprisonment and Goblinesh order was restored in Stoon.  The Rangers of Sog underwent command and assignment changes in the aftermath of the battle leading to drastic changes in both Stoon and Sog.

Taking Furalor: Falling Ice 10th, 3124

With the bridge crossings to Aladel severed and the Bearheart pass closed to the Prelacy armies, Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven was free to launch the attack on his primary objective: The city and supply base of Furalor.

Calling up 3,000 Olarans, with another hundred or so Rangers, Wolfhaven's army was joined by 3,000 warriors from Stahlheim and another 3,000 warriors from Eon'Voltuh. In addition, 600 warriors marched down from the Northern Gathers. In addition, 20 Sun's Guards from Sun's Crossing joined Wolfhaven's personal escort.

All told, Wolfhaven's army swelled to over 10,000 warriors from across the Southern Kingdoms. Breaking his army into three Battallions (1st Battalion under Sergeant Rorauk of Stahlheim, 2nd Battalion under Grundy Jarva of Eon’Voltuh and 3rd Battalion under Captain Helt), his army departed Camp Wolfhaven headed north toward Thuls on the morning of Falling Ice 1st, 3124.

It took four days to reach Thuls, arriving on the 4th. Immediately, Wolfhaven sounded the call to form ranks and 10,000 men and horse formed into double rankes and swept across the field toward the suddenly panicked Prelacy armies. 

Despite vicious fighting, Wolfhaven's force was victorious. They continued north, sweeping aside all resistance in a serious of quick, violent battles. Finally, on the 8th of Falling Ice, the walls of Furalor came into view.

Wolfhaven took an evening to assemble his engines, but by dawn on the 9th, the final siege of Furalor had begun. Despite her defenses and arcmancy, the city fell within the day under the onslaught of siege weapons and the armies of Olara, Stahlheim, and Eon'Voltuh. 

On the evening of the 10th, Col. Wolfhaven dispatched a letter to King Banrick XIV and Lord Commander Lady Valinda Norwood Grayson informing them that Furalor was now theirs.

Of the over 10,000 men sent to take Furalor, they suffered a staggering 72% casualites, with 15% fatalities.

Armistice: Falling Ice 34th, 3124

During an unprecented event, leaders, military commanders, diplomats and spies from Camon, Stahlheim, Eon'Voltuh, Olara, Galea, Elven Nations and the Northern Gathers arrived in the occupied city of Furalor to sign the first ever official agreement between the Prelacy of Camon and the Southern Kingdoms.

Southern Kingdoms & Allies

Sir Valitor Galadrius, Southern Kingdoms

Chancellor of Foreign Affairs, Olara

Rorauk Fyrforg, Stahlheim

Prince Macha Panta, Eon'Voltuh

Kassagore, Northern Gathers

Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven, Grayson's Gray Rangers

Prelacy of Camon

Cardinal of the State , His Excellency, Davon Ord

The Archbishop of Furalor, His Excellency, Stephan Corlion

Regina Baravold of House Baravold, Duchess of Furalor

Excellency the Bishop of Furalor.

After two day of bitter negotiations and feats of statesmanship, an aggreement was finally reached. At dawn on the 34th of Falling Ice, 3124, lit by the rays of the rising sun, the Armistice was signed ending a war which began late 3122 and had seen the deaths of thousands.

Southern Kingdom Troops withdraw from Camon: First Hunt 25th, 3124

Northern Gather Forces begin withdraw on or near 1st of First Hunt

By the 8th of First Hunt Stahlhiem’s forces withdraw.

By the 12th the Elves, most of the Rangers and our allies from Eon’Voltuh withdraw

Colonel Wolfhaven and the remaining forces in Furalor begin withdrawl on the 16th of First Hunt including the remainder of the Ranger forces, the Hammerfall Riders and the Olarans.

When they reach Thuls, 20th of First Hunt, Captain Macha Panta withdraws all forces from near Aladel pulling back through Stagg, a trip of 2 days (22nd of First Hunt).

Once eastern forces withdraw, Bearheart removes units from the Bearheart pass, thus opening the roads to Furalor by the 24th.

The last Southern troops withdraw behind pre-war borders by the morn of the 25th of First Hunt.

The occupation of the Prelacy of Camon ends.

Armistice Agreement

Though actually signed on the 34th of Falling Ice, the Armistice itself was not fully revealed until Golden Eagle 13th so each party had time to defend the terms to their respective governments and then be ratified.

Official Agreement for the Cessation of Hostilities

between the National States of

The Prelacy of Camon

formerly in conflict with

The Kingdom of Olara

The Kingdom of Galea

The Elvish Kingdoms


Allied Southern Kingdoms


We, the signatories, do hereby agree and attest to abide by the following agreement of Armistice in the matter of the Crimson Crusade and associated conflicts:

Article one: The immediate cessation of all armed conflicts and withdrawal of all military forces, contracted companies and intelligence assets from within the recognized borders of The Kingdom of Olara, The Kingdom of Galea, the Elvish Nations and Allied Southern Kingdoms by the Prelacy of Camon. A reciprocal cessation of all armed conflicts and withdrawal of all military forces, contracted companies and intelligence assets of The Kingdom of Olara, The Kingdom of Galea, the Elvish Nations and Allied Southern Kingdoms from within the recognized borders of the Prelacy of Camon.

Article two: The immediate repatriation of all captured citizens of all kingdoms to their Nation of birth with the sole exception being those of the race of “Builders” who seek sanctuary to be given the option to claim asylum within a Nation of their choosing.

Article three: The immediate declaration that all Necromancers and so called Deniers of Death be declared anathema to all Nations and that their eradication a necessary priority. Seizure of all equipment, magical or mundane, from any cult or individual allied or associated with Necromancy and Deniers of Death is to be scheduled for immediate destruction, whilst their tomes of knowledge are to be burned and their membership to be tried and face summary judgment by an appropriate court of law.

Article four: An agreed upon payment of Reparation monies, through designated agents, to cities and municipalities adversely affected during engagements directly associated with the recent hostilities among The Kingdom of Olara, The Kingdom of Galea, the Elvish Nations, Allied Southern Kingdoms, Wards of Grayson’s Gray Ranger Corps, and the Prelacy of Camon. Just amends are to be determined by a Council of Restitution assembled from elect members of the affected Nations and distributed by bonded agents of the same.

Article five: Former Individuals of Interest to the Grand Archcardinal his Most Holy, Anointed and Exalted Lanier Fareneux and the Prelacy of Camon declared “Enemies of the State” shall hereby officially be pardoned of perceived crimes to affect the following: James Donovan, Kassegore, Olar Warwick, Roland Maribore.


As witnessed and signed, Golden Eagle 13th, 3124,


Sir Valitor Galadrius, Southern Kingdoms

Sir Rendar Meuller, Olaran Chancellor of Foreign Affairs

Rorauk Fyrforg, Stahlheim

Prince Macha Panta, Eon’Voltuh

Kassagore, Northern Gathers

Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven, Grayson’s Gray Rangers


Cardinal of the State , His Excellency, Davon Ord

The Archbishop of Furalor, His Excellency, Stephan Corlion

Regina Baravold of House Baravold, Duchess of Furalor


His Excellency the Bishop of Furalor