Battle of Four Armies

Just inside Landra'Feya on Olara's southern border about halfway between the city of Echer'Naught and the Shainais River armies of Darkness, Flame, and Tempest engaged an allied force of Olarans, Elves, and Rangers for control of a mine dug by agents of Shaya'Nor for unknown purposes.

Ultimately, forces for both Flame and Darkness were crushed between the organized ranks of Olarans and Tempest until only those two forces remained. Sadly, the Tempest, fresh and better equipped, quickly overwhlemed the exhausted and ragged Olaran lines.

Were in not for the final sacrifice of Sergeant Evoran Que'kasaars it is likely none would have survived. He alone stood before the Tempest forces and sacrificed his own life to defeat them. Where he died a sacred tree now grows on Exalted Sanctified ground (Strong Site 5d8 essence for both Sorcery and Life).

With the mine destroyed and all enemy forces eliminated, the Elves, with help from the dwarves, have set about purifying and securing the area.

 Brother Benjamin Toma of the Jade Flame also lost his life in the fighting.

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