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Obsidian Portal

Has anyone noticed a change to obsidian portal?  2 of my characters have been deleted on 2 seperate OP sites.  Ash and Chumley have both been mostly deleted.  Only the portrait and tags remain.  Other characters still exist (Bait, Calavene, Almaarea).  The OP site also seems to have changed from a notebook sized format to a full screen type.  any help would be appreciated, Ash in particular will be VERY hard to re-create.

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I don't see any difference.  I haven't used it very much recently but got on this morning and kicked around on it.

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Sorry it took so long to get around to this. I haven't lost characters, but there is definitely something screwy going on. Formatting keeps getting messed up and for a while I couldn't edit my Wiki pages. Some things seem to be fixed, others, not so much.

If you haven't already, please contact them directly and explain your issue. Let me know if they fail to respond or if they explain that others might also lose characters.

Thanks for letting us know. Sorry about such a delay in response.

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I have been having a plethora of issues on my OP pages of late. I send in the reports but they are not fixing them too quickly. I am a sub for it.