What is beyond the Veil and Everwall?

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What is beyond the Veil and Everwall?

I was wondering what was beyond the PHYSICAL Everwall and Ocean veils? Anyone have any ideas and what say the writers/developers??? 

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There are rumors among those well versed in history that Shaintar is a part of a larger world.  The Builders when they came back seem to have come from somewhere on the other side of the veil, though any memories of such a place are fuzzy and unclear.  The barbarians have legends of Giants on the Everwall but such things have never been seen and are not known to exist.  There also have been rumored sightings of ships out in the storms of the veil.

Honestly there is so much going on with Shaintar as it is that trying to expand some of those areas you are asking about (while it will happen) is not happening soon. There is a larger universe that will be revealed in time but we aren't going there yet.

Some of these things that I mentioned are discussed in Shaintar Legends Unleashed, and some in the Tempest crossover book.  I recommend lookin there for what information is currently available on outside worlds.

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What Chris said, there's a larger universe, but it's going to be a while yet before we even set foot in those celestial waters.

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