Sorcerers, Aura Sense, and Soul Drain

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Sorcerers, Aura Sense, and Soul Drain

Two very similar questions about Sorcerers:

  • Should Aura Sense really be Spirit or should it be Smarts?
  • Should Soul Drain be Spirit or Smarts?

I'm assuming Aura Sense should be Smarts-based for Sorcerers but Soul Drain should be Spirit-based for all casters (including Sorcerers).  If not, it seems really weird that sorcerers are worse at Aura Sense than other casters (it seems like it fits sorcerers better than most other casters).

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Both are spirit related.  

Yes Sorcerers use SMT for their casting abilities, but the force of nature being tapped for Aura Sense and Soul Drain is one tied to the spirit.  They may have the book learning of a God of knowledge, but if they have no spiritual strength then sensing the forces they have learned about will be very difficult.

Think of it in terms of our world and it might be easier to understand.  You can read a book about chemical reactions or surgery and understand the book-learning related to it all you like.  But until you get practical applications and actually go into a person's skull and dig around with a scalpel you won't be very good ad brain surgery.  Likewise a sorcerer needs Spirit for those things because of what he's working with.  Like a surgeon needs to have a certain degree of manual dexterity to cut appropriately a sorcerer needs appropriate spiritual awareness to sense spiritual powers and drain energy from his soul.

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Logically your explanation makes sense.  However, from a game balance/mechanics perspective, I find it troubling.  The Sorcerer is logically the one that should be most able to work with magical forces but he is the worst at doing so.  Every other caster with Aura Sense gets to use the attribute their casting is based upon (Spirit) for Aura Sense.  Then there's the extreme weirdness of a Forge Born Dwarven Druid being amazing at it because they can use their Vigor (but that's a separate issue with Forge Born).