Racial Edges?

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Racial Edges?

A few questions about racial edges...

  • Are all Edges under the Racial Edges sections (and Paragon of the Races sections in SLU) for that race only?  There are some that do not explicitly have the race prereq (ex Fast Flier under Aevakar).  I'm assuming these are omissions and they should have the race as a preqreq (otherwise they should be in a different section).
  • Do Racial Edges count as other categories or only as Racial?  One easy example is does the Ogre Edge Massive Sweep count as a Combat Edge (like every other Sweep Edge)?  I'm assuming they should but some are hard to classify where they should go.
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The racial edges are for that race only. If they are listed in the racial edges section in the listing under one of the races then they belong to that race and that race only.

Also, racial edges count as racial edges and not as others unless they specify otherwise in their description. I understand that the Ogre edge which modified sweep is one which could be thought of as a combat edge, but as edges that are combat edges are available to everyone and that one is available to only Ogres it therefore is a racial edge and not a combat edge. (Which is indicated by the fact that it is listed under the Ogre racial edges section and not under the combat edges section. Edges that are both will be generally listed in both places though possibly under a different name.)

I understand that there are things which have requirements for a certain number of combat edges or etc... as prerequisites, but you can't use an edge from a different category to fill that requirement. If they want to take the Ogre modification and the one with a combat edge requirement they will need to take edges from the combat category to fill the pre-req.  

If a player came to me trying to do something like this, where they are attempting to use racial edges for a prerequisite that specifies combat edges I'd tell them no and keep a very close eye on their character because that's a sign that the player is attempting to min-max their character, and doing so inevitably leads to difficulties. But outside the min-max issue this is a hard rule that is written into the system. A GM may decide to ignore it (as with anything) but in doing so would be technically breaking the rules.

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Thanks for the answer.

I've always found the classification of edges as Racial as a category to be problematic.  There's the cases like you mentioned (an Edge requires X other Combat Edges - logically Massive Sweep absolutely should count as a Combat Edge but it does not) and then there are other cases like an Orc taking Warrior Born and being unable to use it to take an Orc Edge (at least half of the Orc Edges are logically Combat Edges).  To me, those situations make absolutely no sense.

It's probably too late now but it would have been far better to have the Edges classified as Combat/Social/Leadership/etc with a preqreq of a given race instead of the current method.  It would have made things crystal clear and logically consistent.