Elderly and Powerful/Robust?

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Elderly and Powerful/Robust?

Elderly decreases current Strength and Vigor by 1 die and (effectively) sets the maximum to the new value.

Powerful and Robust raise the maximum Strength or Vigor by 1 die (as well as current).

Can Powerful/Robust raise the Strength/Vigor of an Elderly character?

I do have an Elderly character but this is really just a thought experiment (there are much better Edges for the character than Powerful/Robust) that occurred to me when rereading possible Edges (Human so Half-Blood would give access to Powerful/Robust).

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You can use those edges yes (assuming you have access) and after taking both once you will negate the negatives from Elderly such that you then have the normal maximums on your character.  But you can't use them (unless each taken twice) to go above the normal maximum as they still would make you have to deal with the Elderly hindrance.

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