weapons and vulnerabilities?

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weapons and vulnerabilities?

If someone has a vulnerability to a material, can they handle items made from that material?  I can't find anything saying they can't but thought I'd check here.

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Good question. I'm going to let our Culture Warden give the final answer, but for my money, if a Vampire picks up a White Silver weapon, he, or she, is going to have a bad day.

Generally, while I don't have Black Iron and Bloodsteel weapons kill elven PCs, they certainly suffer if they are forced to handle them.

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Not sure what the offical answer will be but I always ran it that they will have a problem with it. It was made extremely funny in one situation when I wrote up an adventure before my players made their characters. In the adventure the characters recover extremely important materials from Kal-A-Nar locked in a Blood Steel case that cannot be opened. The characters were suppose to move the case to a group of people about 100 miles away that could open said case and collect the vital materials.

I had forgetten what the case was made out of as I wrote that months before the adventure was to start and come to find out every player made character that was vulnerable to Blood Steel. That little winkle added a session to the adventure as they came up with convulted ways to get the case to the location.

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I actually have seen this happen before in other games and do actually have an answer! (Sorry, tired and a bit punchy)

Two important sides to this coin:

1) If the character is injured they suffer the extra damage (in the case of a Blood Steel trunk there are plenty of ways to hurt yourself... just having moved I know a few of them....), mind that's injured by whatever has the material, though say you got cut and the material came into contact with the wound you'd suffer the damage but since it's a separate damage source it shouldn't have more of an effect than the character getting a big shock from it (Most characters have toughness higher than 2/4)

2) the character suffers a -1 to all trait rolls while wielding said materials. (Shitty, but not damning)

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