Battle of the Red Lamp

On the morning of the 30th of Falling Ice, Rangers patrolling the sick wards of the converted hospital first noticed movement among the recently deceased plague victims. The Rangers were in the process of removing the affected corpses when, en mass, the dead came to unlife and immediately fell upon the living and the dying.

Hundreds of corpses rose from the dead, overwhelming the handful of security forces on post in the wards. The plague victims, already weakined from disease, were easy prey for the ghouls and zombies. Outnumbered by a quickly multiplying enemy force, the Rangers were forced to evacuate those few who could be saved while bringing in reinforcements to contain the undead outbreak.

Lieutenant Celebor, Col Wolfhaven's replacement, marshalled the Rangers and managed to retake the hospital, but the losses were staggering. Nearly 90% of the plague victims fell to undead's ravenous hunger. Of the hosptial staff, nearly 40% were wounded, many mortally so.

The positive result from the attack was that most of the sick elves were in the hospital. With the deaths in the attack, the number of elves afflicted with the plague have fallen to manageable levels.

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