Codes of Honor / Cultural Ethics

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Codes of Honor / Cultural Ethics

Forgive me if this is addressed elsewhere, I couldn't find it in skimming the site or in doing a search.

There are several references in sample (Brinchie) characters on this site to "Crescent Warrior", yet I haven't been able to find definitions and examples of this group and their vows, codes, or contributions. I've done a word search through all the published PDFs and likewise come up empty other than the sample Brinchie Rogue Warrior in Legends: Arise having the Code of Honor.

What is this code specifically? Are other Organizational Codes defined for the various cultures and regions of Shaintar?

I appreciate any direction that can be provided.

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HaHa, that is GREAT you are on the Boards!  I asked Howard this exact question today as well.  He said no one he knows has ever kudo's for that!  

Brett (AKA Slissk Dregordian Adept)



I figured if the references are there, then obviously there's a basis for them and I was trying to figure where they might be posted and defined so there's consistency.

I'm still getting the hang of the boards here.

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You're all good.  I'm not able to find a definition anywhere either. I'll see if I can find something.

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If all else fails, I think this thread will prove useful as a consolidated spot to pool the various Codes and Ethical Standards associated with the different organisations and cultures.


Well, I had Brinchie Character that was raised as a Korindian.  He has a Vow of not killing.  The Corrupted are the exception as they are not redeemable.  My first time playing it I almost got into trouble as I spared a Ratzin because I didn't know that it was corrupted.  Since then, I have been playing it as an almost standard that he deals non-lethal damage, almost always.  No he is not a pacifict and he is quite fluent in the "Language of Violence" as he puts it.  I do also have a low Persuasion that I try to get them to give up.  Most of the time he calls for their surrender and they refuse, because they are bad guys, then he proves that he is fluent in their language and asks again.  Part of his personality make up is from David Carradine's Kung Fu character. 

I figure that this is what was encouraged in him.  He was raised at a martial arts school in Korindia from younger than a toddler, an orphan.  The important thing that I should also mention is that he was born without claws.  If there was a Parkour Edge, he would have it.  I did take Greater Acrobat and Greater Catlike Balance.