Vainar Returns!

From his sanctum deep within Shaya'Nor, Vainar the Fallen, the God of Darkness and Death, has risen after over a Century of dormancy and descended to Shivak Novos, the Grey Lands, where his followers have amassed an overwhelming force in preparation for his arrival.

Since the end of the War of Flame, and perhaps before, agents of Darkness have been plotting and preparing for their Master's return. Carefully sowing discord, while gathering items of power and ritual, the Dark Church gathered thousands of slaves for sacrifice and dispatched their most trusted faithful to sieze control of places of Darkness and the elusive Ebonways. 

While the Southern Lands were distracted by the Crimson Crusade and the Tempest, and the Kal-A-Nar Empire halted their southern invasion to put down the Unchained rebellion, Shaya'Nor slipped through the shadows, growing their power in preparation for a massive ritual to tear open the veil between this world and the Grey Lands allowing Vainar to descend.

On the 33rd of Dark Moons, 3124, heralded by the ominous portents of the elusive Starwatchers, Ranger heroes bore witness to the Rise of the Fallen and the return of Vainar!

Now Shaya'Nor's nigh unstoppable armies march south as an ancient illness sweeps through Elven lands claiming thousands of lives...

...a new Age of Darkness is upon us!

3 124