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Roll 20 macros

Do any of you Roll 20 gurus know of a macro that will let me roll multiple dice of different types and choose the best of a certain number of them?


Example:  I want to cast the version of bolt that has 3 bolts.  What I want is a macro that would roll 3d12 and 1 d6 choosing the best three.  I was taking up WAY too much time in Howard's game rolling individual d12's and 1 wild die to sub in for a bad d12 roll (of course I was rolling 3d12+3 x4 + 4d6 for wild die (archmage + sorcerous virtuosity + quickness + heroic surge, yada yada)).  Any help would be appreciated!!

Keith Bailey

This is the closest thing I have found so it roll all three attack and a wild die in one macro, you would still have to take the three best.


/r 1d?{Trait Die|6}!  First Shot

/r 1d?{Trait Die|6}!  Second Shot

/r 1d?{Trait Die|6}!  Third Shot

/r 1d6!  Wild Die


/r {1d12!!, 1d12!!, 1d12!!, 1d6!!}k3 this will keep the best three rolls, and bundle together aced rolls to save space, it still adds them together into one number, but you can just look at the three dice it lights up for your base numbers, then add your modifier to each number.