Lumi-Lapis: Stone of Light

Upon finding the Nox-Lapis, and artifact of great Darkness Power, in the stories brought out of the secret library of Libros Nox.  During the Ranger's Raid into Shaya'nor to deprive them of Nox-Lapis the Rangers found the location of it's counter part: Lumi-Lapis, said to be it's direct opposite and said to be able to cancel out the Darkness Stone.  The Rangers set off for the location, Just north of Stoon along the river on the edge of the Evershade Forest.

With 4 ships in persuit the Rangers do not stop at Sog, but instead employ a Goblin with a fast river craft to link up with them and transfer additional personel, including Artivan Galadrius, leader of Sog's Ranger force.

The Transfer was successful with no loss of life.  A few shots were exchanged but the Rangers did get a lead on their pursuers.  Time enough to prepare for an assult.  Artivan suggested strongly that most of the Ranger's guide and guard the Church's Caretaker Priest who did not know of the stone.  In his preperations Artivan sumons an Angel Host to help. 

A large force attacks, but is repelled and nearly destroyed by six of Artivan's Specialists.  It was a powerful battle with a small army against 7.  Lumi-Lapis had proved to be a stone incorporated into the Dias of the church but once unearthed also aided the Rangers, allowing for some High Magical help.  Father Savitor placed hands on the Lumi-Lapis and was dubed by the Angelic Host as "The Hand of Arconan" as he cast smite on all of the weapons the Rangers had, Including the Claws of a Brinchie Ranger: Aradrove Longtail.  The Forces of Shaya'nor was routed, though the church's Santicity did not survive the event.  The Nox-Lapis and Lumi-Lapis were joined and then fused into one magically inert stone.  Should the two be removed from each other, it is beleived that they will both be active again.


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