Nox-Lapis (Stone of Darkness) found and Shaya'nor's troops massing

From a Ranger Sponsored research facility called Libros Nox, some papers were retrieved that included a few puzzles on how to find a very dangerous artifact calle Nox-Lapis.  The Artifact has many rumors about it.  One such troubling rumors is that Vainar himself concentrated Darkness into a physical form to create it.  True or not Ranger Comand wanted the Artifact out of the enemy's hands.

Following clues the Rangers found it's location on the east bank of Tears of Shanis, inside some bluff.  Though not technically Shaya'nor it was found to contain a base of some sort and a lot of Necromancers.  The forces of Shaya'nor are using it as both a necromantic worship site and a forward base to rally troops. 

Though the Rangers of Sog arrived in force, they still needed to infiltrate the base and find the artifact.  Durring Combat it is guessed that a wide spread curse spell was cast over the base to affect it's enemies.

The Stone itself, about 2 handspans long and 1 hand span thick of Cysarium, naturally (seeming), infused with Darkness was recovered in a room.  The crystal appears to have had some peices cut off the bottom of it for some purpose unknown to the Rangers.  In a room that was a giant map representation of Shaintar, a Priest of Light cast a spell of light on the source of light in the giant dome room and caused it to point out the location of it's counter part, the Lumi-Lapis.  The location being a forgotten chruch on a hill near Stoon.  The Rangers of Sog rush to the spot with the Nox-Lapis in tow as the two cancel each other out, according to the anchient fae writings that were a part of Libros Nox.

From the reports there were several Batalions massing for an offensive at the base.


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