Awesome roleplay show on Twitch.

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Awesome roleplay show on Twitch.

I would like to make fellow shaintarians aware of a awesome roleplaying show on

Its geek and sundry, that have made a twitch channel, if anyone know them from  youtube, with things like tabletop, where they play boardgames, and other nerd and geek stuff. its every thursday I think 6-9pm PDT, might be mistaken on the time, writing from memory.

Its a party of 8 players and the GM, they are all awesome professional voice actors, so they are really good at playing and staying in character. They are playing 5e D&D, I learn a lot from them, in regard to GM'ing.

The 11 episodes they have showed untill now, can be watched at

I find it very entertaining and educational, so believe that a lot of you people, would be equally entertained at least.