Phoenix Moth Lore

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Phoenix Moth Lore



In ancient lore the Phoenix Moth is said to be a creation or child of Celesia Morningstar, The Dawn Bringer. It is said that Celesia was approached by the Ascended to see if she could help aid the world in healing after the first major war after the Covenants were formed. The problem was that the Covenants were limiting in a way that the Ascended were not used to and Celesia was comfortable in crossing the veil even after the Covenants, being an ancient spirit. She told the Ascended that she would help but it would require time and patients and luck. She took some of each of the Ascended’s power, a very small amount and created the seed of the first Phoenix Moth. It became a gift to the world. The seed grew and became a hungry Caterpillar feeding on life but in such a subtle way that it did not disturb the veil, only feeding on the unspent potential that was wasted otherwise. Once the caterpillar is nearly finished feeding it crawls it’s way through the veil, still only about the size of a fist, it quickly cocoons in a hidden tree or cave crafting a cocoon to focus life’s energy inward and create the change. In crossing the veil it does cause a small echo across the veil. This echo is sometimes felt by Necromancers and enemies of Life, drawing them to a general region.


It then grows until the next spring to emerge from the cocoon and spread its life giving energy like a radiant phoenix. Spreading goodness where evil corrupted and reversing damage that was caused by blight, war, and that of Darkness. Upon the emerging of the first Phoenix Moth the Ascended were pleased as Celesia promised, patients had paid off and growing on the other side of the veil proves to hold true to the Convents. It is said that through this example the Ascended have learned how to give the tiniest portion of their aid to the land and its people to have great effect in encouraging Heros to be Heros. In time the myth of the Phoenix was all that was remembered and remembered incorrectly as a bird that is birthed from its own ashes. Many learned Druids feel that the Phoenix bird tale is outlandish as such a creature would surely burn down all it touches.




Phoenix Moth Stages of Life


  • Egg- This is the beginning of the Phoenix’s Life stage. The Egg Stage lasts for 2 years and the egg itself is very small. It is about the size of a common walnut and the egg stage exists as a spirit form on the other side of the veil. To those that are scholars of life spirits will recognize it as an egg of a life spirit but to others it will appear to be a slumbering life spirit.

  • Caterpillar Stage- At this stage the egg has hatched and the creature still is in the spirit world. Excess life energy it feed on, especially where life is spilled prematurely, such as a violent death, the excess life it scoops up. At the end of the Caterpillar stage the Phoenix Moth emerges into the world and manifests from spirit, it does so usually in a tree or other hidden place. This happens in the spring. Once it emerges it spins a cocoon to protect itself and enact changes that will bring it’s final form. It enters the Pupa Stage.

  • Pupa Stage- At this stage the Phoenix Moth is in a transition stage going from caterpillar to moth or butterfly. It is very vulnerable and easily killed. So fragile that it cannot be moved safely. During this time also it grows from a small fist sized cocoon to a size of about 5 and ½ feet big. The Pupa Stage is nearly 6 months going from spring to spring. Also, during this time it radiates health and life energies as it absorbs it and creates it. When threatened it will have a cascading aura around it that appears as if it is coated in rainbows from freshly fallen rain, though no moisture is around. This field creates a protective barrier so that evil may not approach closer than 5 feet or so and alerts those more aggressive animals that it needs protection. Once it feels save from evil the glimmer dissipates. In Spring the Pupa Stage will Hatch.

  • Adult Stage- During the Adult stage of it’s life the Phoenix Moth will radiate health and fertility from a long distance, causing in the region for crops to live up to their full potential as plant life doubles or more in growth for the season and on ½ the water. Animal life also receives a similar boon as a burst of fertility hits them, many animals give birth to double the amount of young even if the species is not known for multiple births. The does increase both prey and predators. The land and fields also see a reversal in toxic levels and many fields that have been “Salted” will come back to fertility. The Adult Stage is very fast and will exit the world by summer, laying eggs as it dies in the spiritual realm. The new eggs may remain dormant indefinitely awaiting the correct conditions for the cycle to begin again. A single Phoenix Moth may lay up to a few dozen eggs, only a few make it to the caterpillar stage, usually only one or two groups of 3 survives from the eggs that it lays.