FAQ, Errata, New Rules, Product lists, Etc.

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FAQ, Errata, New Rules, Product lists, Etc.

The following thread is an attempt to collect all the rulings from the Ravens's Flock and SPF into one easy to reference location.  This thread will continue to be updated.  Please contact a member of the raven's flock if you have any questions or requests.

 - Published Products from Drive Thru RPG - (this is not a complete lists of products but a list of rules heavy core documents for sale.  There are lots of other adventures and supplements to enhance your game.)

 Shaintar Legends Arise - Core rulebook for Novice through Veteran Rank (players guide versions are available at Drive Thru RPG)

 Shaintar Legends Unleashed - Core rulebook for Legendary and Heroic Rank (players guide versions are available at Drive Thru RPG)

 Magic and Cosmology Vol 1 - Everything you need to know about the powers of Light and Life

Guidebook: Goblinesh - Learn all about the culture and what it means to be goblinesh

Guidebook: Eastport - all about the city of celebration and sin

Guidebook: Malakar Dominion - A federation bound in rebellion. A country forged in freedom. A nation seething in intrigue...

Guidebook: Serenity - Written by Ed Greenwood and highlights the Serenity, City of Secrets. 

Crossbows, Crafting & KaZOT - an expansion of the rules on crossbows, alchemy and arcfire

Day in the Life: Gaming in the Downtime - a supplement to allow your characters to use their skills in non cambat adventure ways. 


 - Official Supplements from SPF - 

 Resource Roll Feb 2015 - an update to resource die rules originally posted to facebook.  

 Trouble with Arcfire - An expansion on the risks of Arcfire technology


 - Forum discussions with major impact - (There are a lot of other conversations and rulings made throughout the forums.  Be sure to check them out if what your looking for is not here)

Setting Imports - A great discussion on bringing material from other Savage Worlds settings into Shaintar 

Reach and Withdrawal - a confirmation on how reach weapons impact withdrawing from combat

 Builder Racial Template - an early template for playing builder PC's.  Keep in mind they are rare and this may be modified as part of a future product release. 

Moment of Glory Adventure Card - A ruling from SPF on the use of Moment of Glory

 Growth/ShrinkA ruling from SPF on the use of Growth/Shrink


- Official Product Errata -  (this is still being worked on, but please contact a memeber of the raven's flock if you have any suggestions)

 Updated Shaken Rules from PEG inc - Consider this official to Shaintar and J&L.  And here is the Shaintar discussion on this ruling.