Companies of the Silver Unicorn

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Companies of the Silver Unicorn

I've heared a bit about the 3rd and 6th comany of the Silver Unicorn, but I'd be interested in learning more about all the companies. Anyone have info? Here is what I have on the 3rd.

3rd Company of the Silver Unicorn

Year: 3020-21

The 3rd Company of the Silver Unicorn (including the mage Malachai, his lover Kara Wingard, Phaidus Dimerian the Eldakar druid, the mysterious Sable, the beastly but noble Vrrll, the Dregordian adept Hrassbo, and the Camon Cavalier Eric Rhodes) set out to find the legendary Netherstones - the condensed “essences” of the First Thirteen Necrolords that ruled over Shaintar centuries before. They are only able to complete half the task before the Betrayal War erupts. Fighting throughout the war, the 3rd company joins the 4th company and a being calling himself Archanon to finally defeat Vainar.

Company Roster

Vrrll: Kal-A-Nar magical creation forged for the bloodpits.

Role: Recon and close fighting specialist

 Phaidus Dimerian: Extremely, powerful Eldakar Druid

Role: Magical Support

Malachai (Martin): Human Sorcerer who was heir to the throne of Galea. He was disinherited because he wanted to study magecraft, so his brother Duncan became heir.

Role: De facto leader (albeit reluctantly)

 Kara Wingard: The company's preeminent archer, she eventually married Malachai.

Role: Ranged Combat specialist

 Sable: Human thief, spy and go-to-man. Knife expert and bastard cousin of the Royal Family of Galea.

Role: Thief and Covert operations

 Hrassbo: Dregordian adept.

Role: Adept Combat specialist

 Eric Rhodes: Camonese cavalier and rapier duelist

Role: Melee Combat specialist

I know the 6th just took down the Shining Tower, but not much more.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Could be like the seals where at one point there was only one team; #6. Now there really are something like eight teams but the numbers didnt mean anything.

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