Eating utensils

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Eating utensils

I was just wondering who uses what?

I'd guess a knife or eating dagger would be used in many countries, and eating with fingers also quite common, with some civilised folk using forks or eating spikes.  Has anywhere been specified how they go about eating yet?

Would anywhere use chopsticks?  I would of thought Korindia would use them, or a forked stick.

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That is an excellent question!

Since Korindians do not touch metal, chopsticks seem really thematically appropriate, but...I honestly don't know.

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Talking with Sean Patrick Fannon, He told me that Korindia is culturally a sort of mix of Okinawa and Polyneasian culture, almost.  So I chopsticks are likely, as is a knife and fork for serving but not eating.  An obsidian/stone or wooden knife is sufficient to cut meat into bite sized slices for cooking and eating with chop sticks.  That is my thought anyway.

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My Eldakar uses Cantrip to cut his food and levitate it to his mouth.  He also uses it to clean up after.  I'd like to say I'm joking, but I'm not.....

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I'd actually assume Shaya'nor would be the chopstick users, though it'd certainly work for Korindia as well.  I envision Korindians as being somewhat closer to their food, using spoons like these from Hawaii.  By historical extension, it's likely that most of the elven races would use chopsticks- a good match, I'd say, given their design's  simple elegance and the history of conservation that led to their adoption in the real world.  (This would also make it likely that Malakarans have widespread chopstick use.)

For the most part, human mainlanders likely use knives and forks in European style, particularly in the upper classes, with rural and poorer people using just knives, hands, and bread for personal utensils.  You're probably least likely to encounter personal utensils among the peoples of the Eternal Desert, whose cuisine would probably rely primarily on hands and bread.  Similarly, for the seafaring peoples, personal utensils are probably not considered important, outside of as a commodity.

The Goblinesh I would assume have no interest in human or elven table etiquette, and probably also rely on hands and knives, with their own etiquette particular rules.  (I expect there'd be at least a somewhat universal code for when different Gathers have contact, but a lot of rules unique to each Gather.)

Dwarves obviously just eat rocks seem the type to have a lot of utensils, just because it's another thing to craft. :3 

I'd assume Dregordians have fairly basic utensils, but a long list of table manners and probably ritualized serving and eating.  Food is one of those things that can bring one closer to one's bestial side, after all, so they'd be very keen on maintaining decorum.

Brinchie probably just shove their faces straight into food because who cares I'm a Brinchie.  I expect anyone dining with a Brinchie also has to be on guard for mooching, or at least a lot of, "Are you gonna eat that?" :V

That is my essay about eating utensils in Shaintar. You guys really make me work for my post as Cultural Warden! :V


Thank you.  Very informative.  Your information on the Eternal Desert gives the impression of a morracan or indian meal where they use their fingers along with a flat bread or type of tortia.   I like it.  This is also great information for my Dwarven Innkeeper who is a gormet chef as well as a foodie, or near as the world has.  Culinary delights and differing food styles and habits actually make a large part of many cultures.

Thanks for your information.

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