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Specifically the Domesticated Pet kind.  I figure they are around of course, but my question is, how do they react to the Brinchie?  Are they ambivelent to them like they are to us in real life, or would they see them as Apex Predators, or even as Alphas to themselves?  Just curious.... Thoughts?





I would think that it varies by cat.  I mean some cats get along with wolves, dogs, even other cats (Big Cats and other domesticated cats).  They are a self serving lot.  But there are numerous accounts of cats that work well with apes and even other cats.  Independent and mean unless socialized as a kitten.

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I can't imagine a cat having much more kinship with a Brinchie than, say, a lion: possibly the social cues are a little clearer, but it's still Not A Cat and also big and weird.