Role of Half-Bloods

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Role of Half-Bloods

This extraordinary occurance through the progency of a Goblinesh and a Human, curiosity has consume me towards exactly how is one treated. Often times in fantasy games half-breeds follow some middle niche which in a way is how the gather is functioned for typical leadership. Orcs are in the epicenter between the brutish ogres and cunning goblins.  Get your tradeoffs with varying degrees with say perhaps being scrutinized  by both races. Looking at the history of the Malakar Dominion and Korindia through the M'adukar displays this. I presume  half-bloods do not get this treatment too much in Human lands, but who really knows with the Goblinesh with the North and South being different as well as other traditions via each gather. I like to see other opinion on this.


I personally foresee those with more human features might deal with some diversity. After all it was mentioned in the book they be marked as odd, and almost certainly an outsider. The Fae can be pompous, though with the type of culture they have and lets face it innate magical abilities that seeing none in some of their offspring is dissapointing.  Eventually a topic on this would appear, figure why not while its a fresh topic.

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In shortest, simplest terms, Half-Bloods will have a tougher time of things up north than they will in the South, but they will always stand out wherever they are.

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Honestly, Half-Bloods are so vanishingly rare that there's no real standardized opinion on them.  I'd say in general, among the Goblinesh they're considered kind of weird and freakish, and-- particularly up north-- tainted by weakness; among Humans, they're thought of as ugly and brutish.  

The overall attitudes would depend more on the local opinions regarding the "outsider" parent than any sort of general cultural opinion, beyond just, "Wait, that's a thing?  Weeeiiiiird."  Presumably, a Half-Blood can generally be expected to come from a dedicated Human/Goblinesh pair, since the chances of conception would be higher in a case where there's a lot of banging, as opposed to the (presumed) one-off situation of rape.*  Therefore, it's more likely that Half-Bloods would crop up in areas where there's already a generally good attitude between the two races.  So it seems likely the worst one could expect as a typical Half-Blood** is some teasing and possibly a feeling of not fitting in.  

For such a person in a Gather, presumably the presence of the Human parent implies that the Gather has already adapted a role somewhat for an "outsider."  Even if this weren't the case, there shouldn't be anything in particular preventing a Half-Blood from fulfilling whatever duties he has as normal.  They're functional, just funny-lookin'.

In a non-Gather setting, there would normally be enough diversity of roles that, again, a Half-Blood could find a niche easily enough, just having to endure life as an object of curiosity.  

* There are always exceptions, of course, but I'd rather not get into details on that subject for Shaintar. :/

** Inasmuch as one could call any member of such a vanishingly rare group "typical."