Last Call, An Olaran Tradition

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Last Call, An Olaran Tradition

I have been thinking alot about the culture of Olara, as it is my new home and I am spending inordinate amounts of time pondering this topic. One thing that came to mind was funerial rights. Now, I see the Olarans as Germanic Prussians, stoic, stalwart down to earth people. Their lives are under constant threat and that creates a no-nonsense society where death, violent death, is a part of life. And yet, warrior cultures often have the most unique and elaborate rituals concerning the loss of great warriors. See Vikings. So, I have thought of someting. Now, this will be used in my little corner of Echer'Naught and the surrounding lands. So, this my always only be a western Olaran tradition. And truth be told, some traditions remain local to tiny communities the world over, so that is ok. But, in my heart, I'd love for this to catch on and grow. I'd love to hear other games, espeically Olarans, but anywhere calling on this Olaran tradition. If you use this for a PC death. Call me. No really, I will give you my personal number and you call me during the game. But I digress.

The concept is simple. Ale, beer, alcohol are all tradionally Olaran, traditionally military and traditionally go hand in hand with the loss of comrades. The Last Call involves the surviving companions of a fallen warrior gathering at whatever local brewhouse, watering hold, mess tent that they normally drink in and buying the deceased a stein, mug, mazzer of drink and making a place of honor at the bar/table. Then, as the night goes on, and they get deeper in their cups, they share stories, embarrasing moments and toast the life of their friend. But as this happens, whenever a drink is purchased, a story is told, or a round is bought, that person buys a round for the dead, and places coins in the cup. Typically, this would be the cost of a drink, but it could be more, or less depending on the situation. Anyway, as the night goes on, more and more coins fill the mug and displace the ale, which will slowly pour out onto the table or the ground...with each drink they buy, the dead takes a sip, see. The goal is to fill the mug with coins by the end of the night, spilling almost all the ale. Then, and this would happen usually before the actual burial, the filled cup is taken to the grave, and the last tiny drops of ale poured out for the fallen as his final drink with friends. The cup of coin would then be given to his surviving family, wife, kids, help them survive. 

In this way, the unit couldemotionally  heal from its loss, bond anew and repair broken spirits, while honoring a fallen comrade in the most typical Olaran/Military fashion and at the same time collecting funds for those he left behind. It just feels right.

Obviously in times of war, this would be suspended. And that is Olaran too. Duty above all.

Even so, if my PC ever falls, I hope that his comrades honor him with a Last Call.

The Dread Polack
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I like it and plan to use it, and the number of dead will soon add up in Bearheart.

Saiderin the Raven
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I absolutely love this idea, and could see it as something that spreads across all of Shaintar in various forms (especially among the more honorable mercenary companies).

"There is no heroism without sacrifice. For this, I am terribly sorry."


I agree, I love this.  I could see one variation.  A bowl placed under the drink for the overflow for prissy inkeepers.  Then when at the grave, the whole amount is then poured over the grave site as a "Final Drink" for the deceased.

Also, All Inns could celebrate this tradition for a particularly important fallen hero that is known by deed and name.  A tradition sort of like lowering the flag to half mast for fallen military here in America and the coins given to charity that helps the charity that was dear to the heart of the fallen.

But sounds like a great tradition.



Cobolt Helt will give dead friends a proper send off in this fashion if he gets the chance.

"No snow will cover our fallen brother."