Shaintar Calendar

Real World Months Shaintar Months Season
March, April, May Falling Ice, First Hunt, Golden Eagle, Planting Moons Spring
June, July, August Red Wolf, Eternal Sun, Thunder Hawk, Festival Moons Summer
September, October, November Dancing Clouds, Forest Dance, Raining Leaves, Harvest Moons Autumn
December, January, February White Stag, Gray Winds, White River, Dark Moons Winter







List of Shaintar Holidays

New Year Day - 1st of Falling Ice

Ascension Festival - 13th-18th of Golden Eagle

Festival of Life - 33rd of Planting Moons

Jubilation Day - 16th of Red Wolf

Brightest Light/Height of the Light - 33rd of Festival Moons

Festival of Hope - 33rd of Harvest Moons

Darkest (Longest) Night - 33rd of Dark Moons

Three Moons Over Shaintar - 33rd Planting Moons, 33rd Festival Moons, 33rd Harvest Moons, 33rd Dark Moons

Other Calendar Notes 

Each month has a total of 33 days except for Falling Ice.  It has 34 days.  This day is not considered part of the regular week.

Each Shaintar month spans approx 22-23 real world days. 

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