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Check back often for important news and announcements from our Raven's Flock staff and the creator of Shaintar, Sean Patrick Fannon himself.

An Important Announcement about Shaintar Justice & Life

Sean Patrick Fannon, 05/11/15

I cannot keep up with the creative efforts and input of some many awesome people.

That's the foundational reason for this announcement. It may come as a disappointment for some of you, but I hope you'll all ultimately see that this is a very positive and productive move for all concerned.

State of Shainter April 2015

Good morning folks, I'd like to present you with our quarterly State of Shaintar video.  This quarter we did something new, instead of 2 seperate videos we did a single video for everyone.  In this video we discuss the events of the last few months a few upcoming cons and a the barious tools available to you as players and GM's on the website.  Take a look and let us know what topics you want to see in the future. 

State of Shaintar April 2015


Evil Beagle GM's Day Sale

It’s Friday of the GM’s Day Celebration Sale on DriveThruRPG, and I’m using my space to promote my own today – Evil Beagle Games is all-in for the 30% off everything sale prices. That’s the whole line of Shaintar products we’ve published so far, folks, so if there’s anything you’re missing for epic high fantasy gaming in Savage Worlds, now’s a great time to grab it!