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Shaintar Justice & Life Cooperative Play Guidelines

Greetings friends!

Justice and Life: New Direction

As promised!

Well friends, I have returned from my weekend adventure cannon firing and am prepared to get back to work and my first order of business is my promised announcement.

As I mentioned previously, I was able to meet with the Raven’s Flock last Friday and we had a very productive discussion about Shaintar Justice and Life. I know many of you have questions so I will attempt to answer many of those here.

An Important Announcement about Shaintar Justice & Life

Sean Patrick Fannon, 05/11/15

I cannot keep up with the creative efforts and input of some many awesome people.

That's the foundational reason for this announcement. It may come as a disappointment for some of you, but I hope you'll all ultimately see that this is a very positive and productive move for all concerned.