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Check back often for important news and announcements from our Raven's Flock staff and the creator of Shaintar, Sean Patrick Fannon himself.

J&L web tools

Good morning folks, I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the various web tools and their functions for Shaintar J&L.  I've created a forum thread for archival and discussions if needed and we'll be updating this thread as we add or modify tools.  J&L Web Tools Forum Thread

Shaintar's Bright New Future

Darren Pearce loves Shaintar. It's important that you understand that right up front, especially since it's one of the biggest reasons I agreed to do what I have done.

J&L Content Submission

Greetings friends!

At long last we have an official J&L Content Submission form available for GMs seeking guidance or official J&L approval for unique game elements.

The rule of thumb to decide if you need to submit something for approval: