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Check back often for important news and announcements from our Raven's Flock staff and the creator of Shaintar, Sean Patrick Fannon himself.

Welcome to the New Shaintar Site!

Progress! Due to the efforts of the amazing Raven's Flock (especially Mark Knapick and Howard Brandon), a ton of new content has been put in and the navigation of the site is vastly improve.

What little is missing includes Campaign Reports for ongoing Justice and Life campaigns, but that should be sorted out in very short order.

The Big Irish Vlog - "Picks and Kickstarters in Review"

* Kickstarter Roundup

** Just backed a cooperative, fast play adventure dice game called Dungeon Attack.

The Big Irish Blog - "PvP - Not In My House."

The title pretty much says it all - my feelings about what I consider Player-vs-Player and how it has no place in Shaintar (and, specifically, no place in "Justice and Life."