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Check back often for important news and announcements from our Raven's Flock staff and the creator of Shaintar, Sean Patrick Fannon himself.

Rise of the Fallen, Act III

Greetings Shaintar!

I am pleased to announce that the final act for this year, 3125, has been posted in the GM area. It is an exciting time in Shaintar and the current storyline includes all of the amazing events from this year, including SPFs big Crimson Crusade Conclusion.

But, things may not be as they appear!

GMs, as always, I encourage you to touch base with our new Community Manager if YOU have plot threads of your own you wish to weave into the greater storyline. This is, after all, a LIVING Campaign full of heroes of LEGEND!

New Community Manager

Greetings gamers and friends!

It has been a while since I last posted, I know. The Savage Mojo team has been working hard on books, and I've been very busy with that. Which is actually what this announcement is about.

As most of you know, for the first couple years of Shaintar J&L I served as the Community Manager, working closely with GMs and players to foster collaboration and provide excellent customer service. As time marched on, my role increased and eventually I was offered the chance to Manage the entire J&L project. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel (October 9th, 2016)

Ladies and Gentlemen, at long last, I've returned to running Shaintar, and I am doing so in a very, very big way. This is an event that impacts all of the continuity, and it's something that each and every one of you can participate in, no matter where you are in the world. 

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Gathering for War