J&L Events

This is a timeline presenting mostly recent events in the world of Shaintar. These events have taken place at and around Justice and Life games around the world and serve as part of the continually growing world of Shaintar.
Calendar of Shaintar
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Year Month Day Event
3126 White Stag 12 Centenium Proclamation
3126 White Stag 10 Prince Morok ki Anzher and Colonel Wolfhaven arrive in A'Davar
3126 White Stag 8 Detonation in the Desert
3126 Harvest Moons 33 Xaos in the Desert
3126 Harvest Moons 33 Xaos in Paradise
3126 Harvest Moons 30 White Silver Wolves 5th Company arrives in Paradise
3126 Harvest Moons 24 White Silver Wolves 5th Company boards ships bound for Paradise
3126 Harvest Moons 21 Prince Morok ki Anzher, Emir of A’Davar Marches to War
3126 Harvest Moons 19 Rangers of Kator discover evidence of Maelstrom army in Umbra
3126 Harvest Moons 18 Long Recon Team Returns to Echer'Naught
3126 Harvest Moons 18 Colonel Wolfhaven travels from Echer'Naught to Tar'Imas
3126 Harvest Moons 2 Fifth Company of the White Silver Wolves created in Tirene
3126 Harvest Moons Prince Romar, son of Romar, Lion of the Dunes, Bearer of the Three Moon Pennant and Supreme Amir of the Desert Riders Rides to War
3126 Raining Leaves 17 Liberation of Stonefiner
3126 Raining Leaves 16 Second Total Lunar Eclipse (Black Moon)
3126 Raining Leaves 11 Liberation of Ironspear
3126 Forest Dance 13 Echer'Naught Delta Team Arrives in A'Davar
3126 Forest Dance 10 Echer'Naught's Alpha Team breaches A'Tora's Black Sand Wall
3126 Forest Dance 8 Master Wilhelm Ritter Wolfhaven Born
3126 Dancing Clouds 20 Echer'Naught Alpha Team Arrives in Paradise
3126 Dancing Clouds 16 Total Lunar Eclipse (Black Moon)
3126 Dancing Clouds 15 Hostage Negotiations Completed
3126 Dancing Clouds 10 Captain Rah-Sahn Hawkslcaw reinstated as Commander of Local Echer'Naught Ranger Outpost
3126 Festival Moons 33 Colonel Wolfhaven Returns to Echer'Naught
3126 Festival Moons 30 Echer'Naught's Alpha Team arrives in Almahrad, the City of Dreams