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Character mounted on another character

Hello everyone!
I've recently registered on these forums and already have a question. I've started a Shaintar game recently (just a regular home game). Among my PCs are an orc and a goblin. The orc is an alchemist and the goblin is some kind of a warrior-party face.
They've come up with a funny and weird combat style. The goblin would ride on the back of the orc in a special basket throwing his offensive potions (orc is a Minor Pacifist), shooting with bow and stabbing with spear at close range.
The question is what penalties and bonuses i should give to them? I'm thinking about encumbrance penalties for the orc (we generaly handwave them but his Str is d8 and he is already carrying quite a lot of gear). For the goblin i'm thinking about Unstable Platform penalties for ranged attacks but what about melee? Should he get a Reach and Defence bonus from his spear? And what about attacks directed at him? Should he get a cover bonus? Maybe i should invent a special Edge for them?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Sorry for my bad English)

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The D8 strength is rather concerning, I suspect the Orc will tire VERY quickly.  I have seen this doen successfully using an Ogre as the "mount" and a Goblin Sorceror as the "artillery".  Unstable platform is a must.  Also, any double ones auto hit the Ogre "mount".  I thought about enforcing the mounted combat edge, but felt it unnecessary as both the Ogre and Goblin were intelligent (Ogre had more than muscle edge) and could thus communicate.  Also, through coordination the unsteady platform can be eliminated by the Ogre stopping and allowing the Goblin to cast.  Only if the Gobbo is shooting while the Ogre is moving would unsteady come into play.  I really don't think any but an ENORMOUS Orc could pull off the mount thing.  D12 St min, D10 + Vigor, Brawny and Bulky would be what I'd enforce.  An Ogre is really the way to go.  Melee would need a reach one weapon like a spear (which your Gobbo has).  Good news is: if you build the basket right the Gobbo would get cover.  Bad news: some of the cover would be the Orc/Ogre.  Note, all of this is simply my opinion, you'll have to wait for Howard or one of the others to really dig into this.


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