A truely evil campaign. Some help?

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A truely evil campaign. Some help?

Greetings all.

My GM, the lovely and subtly sadistic person that he is has decided to run an evil campaign within Shaintar. We'll be playing a group of mercenaries ala The Black Company, and have access to Necromancers, Taumaturges, and all sorts of villianous goodies.

The only problem is that the core Shaintar books dont have much in the way of expanding upon this. There are only short blurbs on the above classes in the magic section, and little more evil material besides an editor's note in edges. Is there any further official support for this sort of campaign path, or is it best to just wing it?

Has anyone else run something similar to this, and have some pointers for shaintar specific evil groups?


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Considering the strong 'heroic' themes that Shaintar lays down on top of the supernaturally bad guys being pretty  evil its doubtful the materials your looking, from a PC persecptive, is there. That said there is enough material about how to create them as villains that it should be easy to flesh them out to make your group.

I'm not sure I've heard about Flame and Darkness working together, their was the Betrayal War but that came off as both sides agreeing not to kill each other and instead focusing South, so I'm not sure if Necros and Thaums would work together even in a merc outfit. Maelstrom is one of the more famous 'evil' mercs and it seems completely Flame. With this my suggestion would be to chose a side, either Flame or Dark and flesh that out as your PCs if your going a route for magic users. If not then I doubt its going to be to much an issue.

From a magical edge standpoint the Necromancer and Thaumaturgist would be Novice edges with Spirit d8+ and Skill a d6+ (following the line of Druid/Priests). I also tend to build my Flame magical villans as twisted reflections of the Life magical groups and the Dark magical vilians as terrifying reflections of the Light magical groups. So my PCs have run against a group I created called the Iron Knights, a terrible and dark version of the Pally of Light (I'm a sucker for the Dark Knight empowered villains) however I haven't done a lot of with the Flame myself. 


Either way if you campaign lasts long enough for you to be powerful enough go after the Silver Unicorn... I heard Unicorn steaks are delicious.

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Yeh, the books contain no information on running "evil games." There are no official rules for Necromancy or Thaumaturgy. Shaintar: J&L is a game of heroes.

Is this to be an official J&L game or are you guys doing one "off book?

I ask because of the J&L Code of Conduct:

  • Unless I set things up with those running this at the higher levels, I will not play a bad guy, villain, or monster. This game is about Heroes, and that's why I and my fellow players are here.

If you are planning on running a "non-cannon" game then I would suggest flipping Druids for Necromancers and Priests for Thaumaturgists to get rules. It's a pretty easy conversion. Just invert all the Enemies and special abilities.

Let us know what we can do, but if you guys are aiming for Official J&L plz have your GM contact us directly.


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You might find the Horror Companion useful, it has some Edges and powers (and rules for rituals) that would work pretty well for evil spellcasters. 

I would personally love to see a supplement for bad guys.  Even when the players are heroes, it's still useful to know the precise capabilities of the villains - there are Edges like "Necromancer" and "Nightguard" listed in the statblocks, but as far as I'm aware the Edges are never actually defined.

Saiderin the Raven
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Magic & Cosmology (Volume II: Darkness & Flame) will have the full write-ups for necromancers and thaumaturgists. If I get some time, I will try to crank out the appropriate core Edges for you. In the meantime, I'd actually go with the Adept edge for Thaumaturgists (including the Backlash issues), and Sorcerer for Necromancers (same). The available Powers are already listed in Arise, so you're covered there.

Oh, and independent necromancers and thaumaturgists could conceivably work together in a mercenary company, though there'd certainly be rivalry and discontent.

Having said all this, I don't see any way this campaign could be official Justice and Life canon, but if your group is going to enjoy it - play on!

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Good to know! Thanks SPF

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Hi folks,

We're restarting our evil campaign (it ran for a while and then stopped due to IRL issues). I was just wondering if there was any update on the development of Truely EvilTM information. Is there an ETA for when Magic & Cosmology (Volume II: Darkness & Flame) will be out? If not, are there any edges or at least fluff for the more diabolical among us? It'd be much appreciated.

We dont intend to be part of the J&L cannon since it doesnt seem to fit well, but we still have fun!


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No info yet on when Vol 2 will come out.

And aside from what SPF mentioned above there isn't anything at the moment for evil characters. Evil characters havent been written for in general because it's a bit out of the scope of what Shaintar is supposed to be and time was needed for fulfillment of the kickstarter stuff.

That said, if you use the comparisons SPF listed (Adept edges for Thaumaturgists; Sorcerer edges for Necromancers) you should have plenty to work with. 

You also could probably make the argument that Thaumaturgists could use Sorcerer edges instead of Adept edges and Necromancers could use Druid edges instead of Sorcerer edges; though if you do that you will need to be very clear on which path the character is following and not allow them to cross between.  So if the Necromancer is using Druid edges it can't ever use Sorcerer edges etc... Also, anything that the character does has to be in-style for that character type. A Necromancer following the Druid path of edges can't have a wolf as a familiar, but it might be able to have a zombie as a familiar for example (All of this will have to be heavily GM approved or you will go crazy as the GM).

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