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Welcome to Shaintar Justice and Life.  Here you will find all the information you need to play in and run your own games in the world of Shaintar.  First off though lets answer the burning question in everyones mind; "What is Justice and Life and how will it effect my game?"

Justice and Life is a shared campaign world for table top role playing game fans.  It is similar to other projects that have come before it however it has one major difference.  The game is managed and directed by you the player or gm.  Everything you do to help build the world is considered J&L canon to the continuing story and growth of the world.  

How can we do this?  Well we do have some rules and regulations for you to follow and ask that you play nice in our little sandbox.  The links below will help you to understand more about what J&L is and how you can make your epic stories come to life.  Join us in what we think of as the world's first MMTTRPG (Massively Multiplayer Table Top Role-Playing Game), the next evolution in the Shared/Living Campaign concept. 

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 Justice and Life Worldbook Wiki 

The following is a collection of material provided over the years from various players within Shaintar.  The information provided here is considered canon and when used with the published materials helps to create a more complete picture of the world of Shaintar. To learn more about how to submit your own entrties take a look at our J&L Worldbook Wiki Guide